Tim and the “Black Wind”…

After deciding to ride the Pan Mass Challenge I needed a bike, I already have a 10 year old mountain bike but that’s probably not going to be up to the job. I hit the local bike shops only to find that road bikes are a little bit (read: LOT) more expensive than I realized, try $800 for a starter bike…sigh…

Hurdle #1 – Finding a bike…

To make a very long story short, I came to the conclusion that the only viable option was to go used and find something on CraigsList, 4 weeks, and several false starts later I came across the “Black Wind” (it’s a Motobecane Vent Noir – French for Black Wind).

The "Black Wind"

The "Black Wind" on CraigsList

I flew down to Cambridge, “test rode” it (the first time I had ever been on a road bike so the test consisted mainly of trying not to fall off in front of the owner) threw it in the car and drove it home. To my wife’s credit she has been highly supportive and made no references to the trunk full of pieces I had just bought.

Trunk full o' pieces

Trunk full o' pieces

Hurdle #2 – Equipment…

Before I could even ride the bike I needed to get some shoes to support the clipless pedals the bike came with. I ordered online at nashbar.com (awesome site by the way), I also got a bike computer so I know how far I’ve been riding, a water bottle, and last but by no means least – some of those tight lycra cycling shorts – not entirely comfortable with those yet so I wear regular shorts over them!

Hurdle #3 – I have all the gear…now I have to do the hard bit, get on and ride!

I think I need to stare at it in the basement a little longer first…


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