Hitting the road for the first time

Sunday, August 3rd, 2008
So my first time on a road bike, fitting as hopefully this exact day next year I’ll be 1/2 way through the Pan Mass ride. It was great once I’d figured out how to get my feet into the clipless pedals, thankfully I didn’t need to remove them for most of the ride.
So how does this thing work?

So how does this thing work?

The first ride was much better than expected, these bikes MOVE. I covered 9.8 miles in 37 minutes, can’t imagine how much quicker that can be once you actually know what you are doing! I went from the house down to Great Brook Farm State Park and back, really nice ride on quiet roads, lots of hills though, I imagine those get easier with time though.

I was surprised when I got home to find that I wasn’t on deaths door, running used to kill me and I never liked the “I’m going to throw up now” feeling I got right after a run – this was far more civilized.

Looking forward to more…


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