The first 50

In my first week I managed to clock up my first 50 miles! The miles seemed to come pretty easily, 50 miles over 4 rides. I would liked to have done more but my folks are in town from the UK so I wasn’t as flexible as I usually can be.

Things I’ve learned so far:

  • Buy a computer that has “Cadence” measuring, the one I bought didn’t and I’m wishing it did already. Maybe I’ll eBay my current computer, or keep it around for induction into the Cycling Hall Of Fame.
  • Don’t rely on Google maps when ride planning, I got “Google’d” a few times when riding a route that looked perfect online, but turned out to be nothing more than a dirt road in reality…road bikes + dirt roads = unhappiness for all involved.
  • I’m playing with fire riding without a spare tube and pump…
  • My bikes fit is not quite right, something tells me this takes a long time to get right.
  • 42mph on a bike feels earth shatteringly unsafe.
  • Bike shorts with built-in gel pads really work!

So far I’m loving it, nothing like getting out early when it’s nice and quiet. My folks head home today so I’ll have more time to ride…


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