Bringing in the first 100 miles with a BANG.

I passed the 100 mile mark yesterday, my excitement was shortlived though as 3 miles later I was greeted with my first flat…DOH! Thankfully my replacement tube and tire levers had arrived a couple of days earlier so I was equipped for the job. I needed to flash-back 20 years to the last time I changed a flat bike tire, let’s just say it took me waaaay longer than it probably should have, at least 30 minutes. I got there in the end and limped the bike home as the tire had a rupture in the wall.

So a nice lesson avoided, don’t ride without a spare tube, would have been a real long walk home in those bike shoes!

Last week was a good week, we’re back to normal and the hotel is closed for now allowing normal life to resume. I got out a few times and rode between 12 and 19 miles each time, weather has been great.

Lessons from this week:

  • Don’t go out riding after wolfing food down, it hurts…
  • Again, don’t ride without a spare tube.
  • After the first 40 minutes of a ride it seems to get easier, must be something to do with getting into a rhythm.

Here’s an interesting video, only about a minute long and will get you thinking…

Happy riding!


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