Is this thing a bike? Or a vasectomy simulator?

At the end of week 2 (of semi-serious riding) I was feeling pretty good, I rode about 70 miles over the week (including the ride cut short by the flat). I now have about 180 miles on the bike.

I raised the seat up part way through the week having come home a couple of times feeling like I just got back from having a vasectomy surgery (I never have, but imagine it would feel something like that). Thankfully raising the seat up seems to have solved that particular “pain point” so now I can worry about my aching legs, shoulders, hands, you name it…

Lessons from this week:

  • Ditch the athletic shorts you’re wearing over your lycra shorts, it feels much better.
  • Apparently you’re supposed to have the arms of your sunglasses outside (over/on top of) the straps on your helmet. Not sure if that’s for safety, or road biking fashion…
  • Add an ICE entry in your cell phone, if you get knocked off rescuers know who to call.

The weather is cooling down, fall is approaching, I think I’m going to enjoy fall riding – I better as winter won’t be far behind!

Next goal – 100 miles in a week.


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