Road to recovery…

Nothing much to report here, I’m getting over pneumonia and haven’t been on the bike in over 2 weeks – which really stinks.

Hoping to get back riding soon, but don’t want to rush it, watch this space. In the meantime here’s a good one that was posted on the RoadBikeReview Forums…


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  1. David West on

    Stumbled across your blog recently, and thought I add a few tidbits from a PMC’er. I’ve ridden for the last three years – the first year from Wellesley, and the next two from Sturbridge.

    The first thing is come spring you’ve got to put in the miles (and miles and miles…). It would be easier to find a bike club, or riding partner (the PMC website has people looking for ride partners in the Classified section) to ride with. It is harder to blow off riding if someone is waiting for you. This will also help you in getting used to riding with people. You need this because on the PMC you will be riding with ALOT of people.

    Another thing to work on is drinking as you ride. It may seem like a simple thing, but it is a good thing to not wobble all over the road as you drink, and, particularly, putting the bottle back in the holder. Most people look down, and put the bottle in. Which means, of course, that you are no longer looking ahead. I’ve had to weave around a number of riders struggling with their bottles.

    You also mentioned eating before riding. You need to find what works for you for both eating before and during the ride. You will need to eat on the way as you will spend 6 to 8 hours on the bike. So you need to know how and what you are going to eat.

    With winter coming around the bend it would be good to get into a spinning class to build your wind. Also, some “core training” would be in order.

    Good Luck!

    Dave W.

  2. zerotopanmass on

    Thanks for taking the time to post this great info here Dave, I know I’ll benefit from it, and hopefully many other readers will also.

    Thanks again, much appreciated! (:-)

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