+1 for Foamy Engine Brite!

I’ve been blissfully ignorant to the needs of my bikes drive train since I bought the bike 6 months ago. I figured as long as I kept oiling it, all would be fine. Turns out that’s not the case, a winter of riding on wet, salty, gritty roads turned my drive train into a creaking, stiff, black messy blob. It was clear it needed something, but I wasn’t sure what, water sure as hell didn’t do any good.

Thankfully my friend Alan mentioned Foamy Engine Brite…

Foamy Engine Brite!

Foamy Engine Brite!

I am really kicking myself for not taking a pre-clean picture, trust me when I say the cassette was barely recognizable, it was a black gritty blob, the chain was no better. After a can of Foamy Engine Brite, which costs a whopping $3, the results were amazing:

All clean!

All clean!

It’s been a week since I used this stuff, and so far the bike hasn’t dissolved, the paint work is still intact, so I’m assuming there were no heinous reactions.

I would highly recommend this, the brush by the way was an old brush I had that’s for brushing grout out of tiles, it was perfect for this job.

Happy riding! (:-)


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