Here we go again! Pan Mass Challenge 2010…

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Hard to believe it’s been a year since I went through the “Should I?”, “Shouldn’t I?”, of signing up for the PMC. Last year I had 2 huge obstacles, athletic ability, and the mammoth fund raising commitment. Thankfully this year I’m a little more likely to ride 200 miles without ambulance assistance, but the fund raising commitment looms again…enter my darling wife…As I wavered last year, she was the one who pushed me to ride, telling me we’d figure out the fund raising piece of the puzzle, which we did with a struggle. This year she’s there again, telling me we’ll figure it out, which we will.

Last year I raised $4,200, 100% of which went to Dana Faber Cancer Institute, I’ll need to do the same again this year and hope I can maybe beat last years amount. I was amazed to read that collectively the 2009 PMC riders raised $30,384,200!

I have an idea that this year I’ll go park myself outside Dunkin Donuts, or Starbucks, and ride my rollers ( for those who don’t know what they are, see here ) for a couple of hours on the weekend mornings. This kills 2 birds with one stone, maybe people will drop a few bucks as they go past ( I’ll put up a board about what I’m doing ), and also takes care of my training needs. Just an idea for now, but might work, I guess I need to see if those folks would allow me to setup outside – could be questionable…

I’d also like to get the Facebook group numbers up, I managed to get about 170 members last year, it would be awesome if that continued to grow, it was so good for raising cause awareness. Anyone can join here, once you’re a member please invite all your friends to join, maybe it can go viral ( in my dreams )? (:-)

So here we go again. Last year it was a nerve-wracking event, lots of hard work, and unfathomably rewarding – I expect it will be all those things again!

2009 PMC

My PMC profile page is up now! In the meantime, if anyone has any good fund raising ideas, please please let me know!



5 comments so far

  1. Jamie on

    Good luck with the fund-raising and the training, Tim. You’ll do a great job with both. One of my friends has set-up in front of grocery stores & in the lobby of his company’s office on the trainer before. Both have worked well. In addition to a change/cash bucket, if you can have someone staff a wireless laptop so that people can make donations, that helps, too. Good luck!

    • zerotopanmass on

      Awesome tips Jamie, many thanks indeed! I’m sure you’ll do just fine yourself! (:-)

  2. George Fitzpatrick on

    Tim: good luck! I know about the fundraising difficulties. Had to skip last year (did Kaitlyn’s Ride, tho) and this year will be touch and go. My wife has been out of work for a year now, with no prospects. So taking on the commitment is daunting. I registered for the Sturbridge to Bourne ride on Saturday, and if fundraising goes well, I will change to the Ptown route if possible.
    Already started training.
    I like your idea about Dunkin Donuts. I may try that one myself out in WMass….

    • zerotopanmass on

      It certainly is a daunting commitment, but if I thought about it too much I would never sign up, so I just go ahead and do it, and figure it out later. 🙂 I hope everything works out well for you, training and fund raising – hopefully I’ll see you in PTown!

  3. Denise on

    FYI Tim, try Stop&Shop – they are the main sponsor for the Kids Ride and therefor would most likely be receptive to allowing you to set up in front of their stores… best of luck to you – and thank you for forging ahead with this challenge…have faith and the funds will come!

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