The wonderful world of Facebook.

During the run up to last years Pan Mass Challenge I set up a group on Facebook that I hoped would promote what I was doing. I gathered about 170 members over a 4 month time span and raised roughly 60% of my funding. However, the group kind of fizzled out after the 2009 PMC finished. Fast forward to January 2010…

I wanted to beef up my Facebook efforts, it seemed like the perfect way to raise awareness for a cause. Enter an old school friend ( turned social media guru ) Jade Gandey who had some great suggestions about what I needed to do to get group numbers up. Thanks Jade! That was a week ago, as of now, the group is at…drum roll please…

1080 members!!! And still growing. The outpouring of support has been unreal. Thanks so much to everyone who has joined, and invited their friends to join, it has started a chain reaction that literally spread around the world. Thanks also for all the emails of support I received, I’ve tried to reply to them all, but it’s hard to keep up with. (:-) A good problem to have. The group is still growing and I have no idea when it will stop. This is a terrific way to get the word out about the PMC and what we’re doing in the fight against all forms of cancer.

My fund raising is off the ground, $135 is already in, 3% of the total I need to hit the $4200 minimum! I’m starting the fund raising much earlier this year, I left it until later last year and struggled to hit the minimum. I’m really hoping I can raise well over the minimum this year for the Jimmy Fund at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute.

To those who already donated, THANK YOU. To those who didn’t yet, but would like to, please click here, no donation is too small ( or too big! ), it doesn’t mind which currency you donate in, they are all very much appreciated.

Training is off to a good start, the weather here is miserable for riding at the moment, but that’s what indoor trainers are for. I was able to get out this weekend for a ride, but apart from that it’s been indoor riding which can be very, very boring. Thankfully there’s to keep me entertained while I train, I recently watched a great film about marathon runners, highly recommended and makes me think cycling is easier than running. (:-)

Thanks again to all those who support me in my ( albeit very small ) part in the fight against cancer.


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